200 teens hit campaign trail for Cuccinelli

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is calling in the reserves in an efford to bolster his  campaign.

Some 200 teenagers will hit the streets across the state to drum up excitement for his conservative campaign.

After several weeks  trailing his Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe in the polls, reports have surfaced that Cuccinelli has shaken up his campaign strategy and staff.

Generation Joshua, an organization that specializes in recruiting and sending armies of teens to conservative candidates close to the election date, is launching an early deployment to work with the Cuccinelli campaign in two weeks.

No Clear Victor in First Va. Governor Debate

The landscape of the Virginia gubernatorial race is left virtually unchanged following the first debatebetween Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe Saturday. The two rivals sparred over familiar issues, including differences regarding a transportation deal, tax cuts and social issues.

And while blows were exchanged, they echoed the themes already outlined by the campaigns getting played out in television advertisements and press releases – Cuccinelli called McAuliffe, a longtime national Democratic fundraiser, someone who is willing to say anything to raise money or get elected, and McAuliffe painted Cuccinelli as out-of-touch with most Virginians on social issues.

“This mentality that I will promise you anything to get elected fits in Washington, if just won’t fit in Virginia,” said Cuccinelli of McAuliffe at the Virginia Bar Association debate in Hot Springs, Va.

Terry McAuliffe profile: McAuliffe leading in polls

erry McAuliffe, Virginia’s Democratic candidate for governor against Republican Ken Cuccinelli, has just finished a campaign event in the back yard of a modest Annandale house. Afterward, he dutifully shakes hands, listens to a couple of heart-felt stories about suffocating financial burden and, as his former boss, Bill Clinton, would do with aplomb, assures them that he feels their pain.

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But time is tight, and he needs to be whisked by his campaign personnel to another stop, so he shakes the last hand and ducks into the basement of the event’s organizer, plops into a chair on the side of the stairs.

Exhausted? Weary?

Nah. This is Terry McAuliffe, the whirling dervish of out-sized personalities. When asked why he wants to be governor of Virginia, he immediately begins to rattle off campaign talking points, “what I just talked about out there,” he says, motioning toward the basement door before being politely interrupted.

No, no, no. Not what you said out there.


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Viciously negative’ news coverage of Virginia Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign yields him only four positive stories in 12 weeks

One political bout looms large on the radar at the moment: the Virginia governor’s race between former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe – a longtime friend and associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton – and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, currently the state’s attorney general.

Mr. McAuliffe has won the media’s protection, apparently.

A new study of major newspapers in the state finds the GOP candidate got rough treatment from the press compared to his Democratic counterpart: Mr. Cuccinelli earned just four positive stories vs. 95 negative ones, a whopping 24-to-1 margin. So says a new analysis by the Media Research Center which reviewed 405 news stories, editorials and columns that appeared June 12 through August 31.

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TechPAC Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia

- The TechPAC Board of Trustees voted to endorse Ken Cuccinelli by a majority of its voting trustees present following in-depth, in-person interviews with each major party candidate. During the interview process, technology business leaders discussed the candidates’ campaign platforms, proposals and positions relating to specific issues in the technology business agenda of the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC).

“The TechPAC Board of Trustees concluded that Ken Cuccinelli’s experience in Virginia government, command of the issues, and knowledge of key technology priorities will serve him well as Governor in working to ensure the Commonwealth remains a competitive and innovative global technology center,” said Dendy Young, TechPAC Chairman and CEO of McLean Capital, LLC.

TechPAC members are highly sensitive to the divisive nature of this particular gubernatorial campaign, and the attending underlying social issues. “Cuccinelli assured TechPAC Trustees during the interview process that his administration will focus on jobs and the economy, and not on a divisive social agenda, which TechPAC believes would seriously hurt the appeal of Virginia as a place to locate and grow businesses. Cuccinelli also committed to preserving and efficiently implementing t