No Clear Victor in First Va. Governor Debate

The landscape of the Virginia gubernatorial race is left virtually unchanged following the first debatebetween Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe Saturday. The two rivals sparred over familiar issues, including differences regarding a transportation deal, tax cuts and social issues.

And while blows were exchanged, they echoed the themes already outlined by the campaigns getting played out in television advertisements and press releases – Cuccinelli called McAuliffe, a longtime national Democratic fundraiser, someone who is willing to say anything to raise money or get elected, and McAuliffe painted Cuccinelli as out-of-touch with most Virginians on social issues.

“This mentality that I will promise you anything to get elected fits in Washington, if just won’t fit in Virginia,” said Cuccinelli of McAuliffe at the Virginia Bar Association debate in Hot Springs, Va.